Climatic events are a feature in Etherium.

Weather control systemEdit

The weather control system will have a direct impact on your gameplay and strategy. A sandstorm occurring in the middle of a battle will force you to change your strategy, while a sudden blizzard will allow you to mount a rearguard attack on your adversary by driving your tanks through a river that has just frozen.

This unique and dynamic weather control system will also work in synergy with the special skills of certain factions: for example the Intari can create localized climatic effects either to help their army or to hamper the opposing forces... and may even be able to predict where and when the next climatic event will occur to plan their strategy based on future events!

These weather events will differ greatly depending on the planet on which you are fighting: sandstorms on the desert planet, Serenade, the blizzards on Arctis, Pilo’s volcanic eruptions and numerous tornadoes, hurricanes and electromagnetic storms will make the conflict more challenging... for better or worse!