Etherium is a mysterious resource that can be found in various deposits across the galaxy. Etherium is the rarest and most valuable of all the known resources. Small amounts can produce enough energy to power a colony of several million inhabitants. It also allows vast vessel-colonies to travel through space at the speed of light.

All three primary factions are locked in an intergalactic struggle to control the sources of the resource. The three factions seek the resource for various reasons. The Consortium seeks the resource due to their greed, while The Intari utilize etherium as a part of their culture. The Vectides are able to become sentient thanks to the resource.

Etherium is found on six “deposit” planets in outer space, far beyond the solar system. The resource is found in the form of a glowing gas trapped in immense, pearly spheres several tens of meters in diameter.The resource appears in cycles of 1,000 years on these six planets simultaneously. Three great powers, The Intari, The Vectides and the humans represented by The Consortium struggle to control the precious and mysterious resource.