Etherium Vectides Logo

The Vectides is a playable faction in Etherium.The Vectides are highly advanced and are an enigma to all who come into contact with them. Like the Intari,the Vectides have joined in the war for etherium but only recently.

Subsequent analysis of their “soldiers” killed in combat shed no light whatsoever on their nature: their armor contained neither a living organism nor an onboard computer… just etherium; as if the prized resource itself was animating these warlike machines.

Vectide technology far surpasses that of Earth or even the Intari, a more ancient race. Their vehicles, and even their infantry, operate without “pilots”; a true demonstration of their advanced culture, because the Vectides can use etherium to transfer their consciousness into combat-ready units, making every Vectide a potential soldier.